Website Content Is King

Website Content Is King

What’s important for your website content?

You and I both know that there are some seriously awesome websites out there. I know that because I have built some myself (client and self rated of course 😊). Some however look pretty, give you a feeling that they will answer your question, need, desire etc, but when you read the content, you’re not sure what they do or even if they have what you’re looking for!

Whilst images are worth their wait in gold, don’t disappoint your online visitor with poor content. Let them know that YOUR business will be the solution to their question. Let your organised, researched and well written content do the talking. Get them interested with a picture, but WOW them with your knowledge, offering and up-to-date content. 

Today, over 90% of searches online begin with a search engine. Yep, hello Google or in our household we start a lot of sentences with “Okay Google” as we do a lot of researching with our Google Home. Making sure your content is king and well SEO’d (search engine optimisation) gives you the best chance of Google putting your website towards the top of the search finds. If you answer the question that Google is searching for then that is how you site makes it to the top of the list. If your content is poor, out of date and your keywords haven’t been updated in quite some time, then you won’t be offering any answers or solutions to the Google bots. Google wants the most authoritative site remember to answer their users query. You want to be the one to have that answer!

I understand whole-heartedly the demands on small business owners. I, like lots of you reading this, have a family, share the running of a household, study, run a business, make time to exercise, spend time with friends and yep, also hang out on social media. So, my time, like YOURS is super important to me. I don’t want to waste what seems like precious seconds reading something that gets me no closer to what I was looking for in the first place. With that in mind, here my top tips on creating super awesome content:

  • Be the solution to your visitor’s question or need or desire;
  • Don’t deliver hard to digest information. Write CLEARLY in a font your visitors can read;
  • If using information from other sites, cite it. Sharing is fine, just share it properly;
  • Use appropriate photos to help your visitor get a feel for your content;
  • Use keywords – SEO (search engine optimisation) is Queen to your King (content) remember;
  • Keep those keywords up to date. An inactive website is no friend of Googles.
  • Use your Google Analytics to help you understand who is visiting your site, what pages they are landing on and so on;
  • Keep it current. Update it regularly and give the google bots a reason to love your site, and your customers a reason to return.

So what it really boils down to is having an awesome website that is easy to find and navigate and ensuring there is great content on it. Don’t be tricky about what you’re trying to convey to your online customer. Be direct, clear and upfront with your information, what you offer, and ultimately how you can solve the customers problem/need/desire.

If you’re worried that your site doesn’t meet this criteria or you’re one of around 1.5 million small businesses in Australia that don’t have a website (making it very hard to find you online) then make sure you get in contact with me. A Free consultation means you have nothing to lose. 

May the bots be with you!


Our Top 8 Reasons On Why You Need To Be Using Google Analytics

Our Top 8 Reasons On Why You Need To Be Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The ability to track website visitors is an important addition to any website, and whilst the list could possibly be endless, we have collated our top 8 reasons for why you should be utilising Google Analytics on your website.

As a FREE website tool Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital software tools available. It allows you to analyse the way visitors interact with your website and provides valuable insights that can help build your online presence.

Since most businesses now have some form of online presence through a website, it becomes vital to understand the workings of your website, what it is achieving and what your visitors are looking at most.

In a nutshell Google Analytics lets you know what pages people are visiting, for how long and what they do on your site. Whether you’re selling sports shoes, travel, rainwater tanks or a beauty service, understanding your visitor’s online behaviours can deliver better results.

My timing for writing this article seems like the moons have aligned. I received an email yesterday to join in our Champions Group (the one our educators and online mentors run) to hook into a 7-week webinar starting last night. These webinars are always engaging and allow us to continue our online education and pass on these learning’s to our client’s online needs. Yesterday however I felt those aligning moons when Matt our online guru mentioned the importance of Google Analytics and tracking the results. So, bingo here is our latest article fresh from the keyboard on our top 8 reasons for using Google Analytics to get an insight into your online visitors:

  1. Google Analytics is FREE. They say nothing is for free these days, but in this case it is true. To gain all these valuable business building insights will cost you zip, nada, zilch, nought, zero! So, if you haven’t been tracking your data, now is most definitely the time start.
  2. Google Analytics provides information to understand and analyse the pages that have popped with your audience. This can help you in so many ways including in keyword research, future blogs posts and content strategy.
  3. From the data you can create reports customisable reports for your business. When you know for example who your site visitors are by gender, geographic location and age you can enhance their user experience and then work on customising your site so to make it more useful for them.
  4. It helps your websites SEO. If you have worked with us, you have most definitely heard us talk about SEO or search engine optmisation. The more organic traffic you can create on your site the more leads you are likely to gain, which ideally turns into more business.
  5. Google Analytics allows you to see why visitors maybe be bouncing off your website. Bounce rate refers to visitors who leave your website after only checking out one page. With your Google Analytics report you can see which page(s) this affects and make changes to the page(s) accordingly.
  6. As if you needed more love for Google Analytics, but this awesome tool will allow you to understand more about which social media platforms to target. It’s hard go past how successful social media platforms are for driving people to your website, so why not understand which ones work best for your business.
  7. Content is King. I’ll write it again. Content is King! Having the right amount of content on your website is CRUCIAL if you want your website to not just laze about on a back page of Google. Content helps drive traffic to your website and if Google Analytics can show you what blog posts people love, well you might just be able to rework one of your previous top posts and generate more traffic. You’ll need Google Analytics to help you find out the answers though!
  8. To see if your reaching your online business GOALS. Of course, that does mean you need to think about your site in more than just a simplistic approach and add it into your marketing plan, or business strategy. For example if lead generation is a goal and you have this on your site via a “subscribe button”, well tracking the goal via your Google Analytics information helps you know if it’s working.

Google Analytics is a well utilised solution for tracking the ins and outs of your site visitors and it’s FREE. Setting up time is minimal and there are some amazing tutorials to watch which will guide you through the process. Time well spent for results that can assist in the performance of your business.

Glitter Is Always An Option

Life won’t sparkle unless you do!


Here are our top tips for how to keep your online sparkle in these challenging times.

Like all businesses, life has changed as we know it. In times of such uncertainty, it’s hard to find that little bit of sparkle when our movements in society have been restricted, however it’s a time when we need to dig in to our resolve and find the reasons to add a splash of glitter wherever we can. So I thought I’d share some tech resources that might help get your online glitter on. 

Online tools to keep you focused, productive & in-touch……

  1. Slack – Team communication, the way it should be for remote workers. For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web.
  2. Zoom – Video and voice calls for groups and one-to-one. For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web.
  3. Serene – A tool for Mac users that cuts out distractions, helps you stay focused and complete tasks faster.
  4. Daywise – A tool for Android. Schedule notifications to stop work interrupting your free time.
  5. Toggl  Keep track of how long it’s really taking you to complete tasks. For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome & Firefox
  6. Google Drive – Document creation, cloud storage, file sharing and collaboration. For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web.


Don’t forget, leaving a trail of glitter is never a bad thing!

Tips & Tricks For Writing Blog Posts

Following on from my previous Blog Post posing the question: Is Blogging Important For Business, here are my top tips for writing a Blog post.

Tips & Trick For Writing Blogs

  • Understand what it is your Blogging about. What is the purpose? Are you solving a problem or answering a question for your reader? The beginning is the most important step!
  • Visualise your reader. It will assist you in creating the best content and keep them engaged.
  • Use a Post Title that will draw readers into your Blog. You could ask a question or personalise the title or make a big statement (just make sure you can back up that statement).
  • Blog Post Length. Blogging experts can’t seem to agree on the optimal Blog length. So, whether it’s 400 words or 1,400 words, make sure your content is worth reading. If your blog requires a lot of text to fulfill the intent of your Blog, then write long-form. If it doesn’t than write your blog post with a length that solves the problem or answers the question. If the content is shorter in length use images to optimise SEO in the background.
  • Regardless of the length, write content that is of high value. Depending on the topic, you may need to write in a conversational tone, or perhaps you can be very succinct, add in dot points and keep if brief.
  • Content is always king, so stick to the purpose of solving a problem for you reader or answering that question. Be sure to vary up the paragraph length to keep the reader engaged.
  • Use visual content to increase your readers engagement. Pictures still speak a thousand words so add compelling images or videos. It will help your Blog get noticed.

These are tips that I have learnt along my digital marketing journey and I hope they help you either get started on your Blogging journey or increase the effectiveness of your future pots.

Happy Blogging,


$14 million a month in revenue from Blogging – Yes you read that correctly!

Yes $14 million a month from Blogging. I won’t pretend that we’re all about to turn over anywhere close to that kind of revenue, but a Blog that started in 2005 by a blogger-cum-celebrity Arianna Huffington, is now turning over that kind of coin and receiving an estimated 110,000,000 unique monthly visitors at Can you imagine!

So whilst Huff Post has been 14 years in the making the question needs to be asked: Is Blogging Important for Business?

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re running a business and have had at some stage tried to decipher that question: Is Blogging is worth my time and energy? Well the great news is the answer is a resounding YES.

I will start out by clarifying “What is a BLOG”? In its simplest form – Blogs are informal articles, thoughts and ideas written (more often than not) by business peeps who wish to show leadership and expertise on a topic in their field. The Blogs are then attached to the businesses website where they live online for visitors to the website to access.

10 Top Blogging Tips

Okay so the next question may be – what are the benefits of blogging for a website? Here’s my top 10 benefits of blogging for your business:

  1. It’s a great way to boost search engine optimisation into your website, because………
  2. You are giving more content to Google to index, which means,
  3. It will assist your website in being ranked by Google.
  4. It helps people connect to your business, product or service;
  5. Creates opportunities for sharing, by inviting guest bloggers to blog for your site;
  6. It can help establish new relationships with clients or strengthen existing relationships;
  7. Enhances your inbound marketing efforts, driving traffic to your site;
  8. Provides benefit to your readers by helping answer a question or solving a problem;
  9. Increases website traffic which allows for………….
  10. Free marketing for your business.

The above list could easily be a top 20, as what other marketing tool allows you to create a flexible way to reach your audience in a tangible and minimal spend kind of way! Blogging really does provide an accommodating way to market your business and or service, and similarly anchors the text to your site, rather than getting lost in a social media frenzy (aka the bombardment last week of the whole click frenzy shopping bonanza).

How your Blog looks, reads and the way in which you write is all part of your brands voice. Much like using your business logo, social media posts and other marketing communication, your Blog is an extension of your business brand. Blogging helps build trust in your business and as mentioned in benefit number 5 – helps connect you to your current customers or potential new ones. Research tells us that already in 2019 eight out of ten Australian’s shop online and in 2020, every one out of 10 things will be purchased online(1). These stat’s show the strength and importance of having an online presence and Blogging sits nicely as one of the top ways to grow your online presence.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting a Blog started, now is the time. Start by getting your thoughts typed up or written down and you can read our tips and tricks to writing your Blog on our next Blog post!! If you want your website to have a Blog but don’t have the time and creative flair to get it going, drop us a line and we can work with you on your content strategy.

Happy Blogging.


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