How to spend a day in Corowa

Whether you’re looking to spend a day or have a weekend away, Corowa has much to offer. From fabulous food and coffee, walking tracks, massages, beauty therapy treats, retail therapy and scouring for vintage finds, discovering Corowa is relaxing and soulfully enjoyable.

So here’s some tips on how to spend your day or weekend in the Birth Place of Federation – Corowa!

Kick off your day with a delicious breakfast at Corowa Chocolate and Whiskey. The menu is full of mouth-watering options and the coffee is spot on! After you have satisfied your hunger and had a wander around this historic building, step into the Whiskey tasting area where the Dreaded Distiller has created some incredible drops. No trip here is complete without a purchase from the chocolate shop, or some serious retail therapy with the stunning Bec from Mill & Goat, which is housed at the front of the Mill.


Boosted with energy from your great food, coffee and retail therapy, head out onto the walking / bike track (located beside the old Mill) and get ready for a leisurely stroll. The path leads to the Wetlands where you can enjoy the country scenery whilst viewing some incredible birds and wildlife. The walk is a 3km round trip.


Fresh from your walk, a meander down our main Street is a must. Sportspower, Origin Clothing and Shine have you covered for the latest sportswear and fashion. If you’re more of a vintage lover no trip to Corowa would be complete without a visit to Miss Madeleine. For those staying with friends and family, and need to say thank you with flowers, look no further than Poppy Emporium!

If you’re in Corowa with the kids, head to Bangerang Park (bottom of Sanger Street) with some takeaway and enjoy watching the kids play on the newly installed play equipment.
Post shopping hunger, than you’re in the right part of town. Visit the crew at Doc’s or Green Bean for coffee & beautiful food that will keep you happy or satisfied. If you would like to remember you trip to Corowa, the crew at Doc’s can sort you with some cool merchandise. 

If a pot and parmy is more your lunch style, than our local pubs with good ol’ country charm have you covered. Try the Newmarket at the top of the town or the Royal.

After retreating home for a rest, or perhaps a movie at the Corowa Golf Club cinema, you can start to look forward to a fun night at Damico’s where Lisa and the gorgeous team will match your needs with smiles and great service.

Glitter Is Always An Option

Life won’t sparkle unless you do!


Here are our top tips for how to keep your online sparkle in these challenging times.

Like all businesses, life has changed as we know it. In times of such uncertainty, it’s hard to find that little bit of sparkle when our movements in society have been restricted, however it’s a time when we need to dig in to our resolve and find the reasons to add a splash of glitter wherever we can. So I thought I’d share some tech resources that might help get your online glitter on. 

Online tools to keep you focused, productive & in-touch……

  1. Slack – Team communication, the way it should be for remote workers. For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web.
  2. Zoom – Video and voice calls for groups and one-to-one. For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web.
  3. Serene – A tool for Mac users that cuts out distractions, helps you stay focused and complete tasks faster.
  4. Daywise – A tool for Android. Schedule notifications to stop work interrupting your free time.
  5. Toggl  Keep track of how long it’s really taking you to complete tasks. For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome & Firefox
  6. Google Drive – Document creation, cloud storage, file sharing and collaboration. For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & web.


Don’t forget, leaving a trail of glitter is never a bad thing!
3 Reasons Why Websites Are Still Relevant In 2019

3 Reasons Why Websites Are Still Relevant In 2019

You probably know that the average person spends roughly 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social media? And you’re probably also aware that Instagram users spend nearly as much time scrolling as Facebook users do on that platform. And if you’re a snapchat user, well you’re on that nearly as much as Insta & Facebook users. So, what has this got to do with websites?

We all know that you can build a social media account in an evening, but have you ever thought about what that account is really for? Ideally, it should be the “building” platform to act as a conduit to your showcasing your “whole business”, via your website. Did you remember this, or have you been lost in all the chaos that says we need to be posting on social media X amounts a day between the hours of 12 & 12 etc. It’s okay if you have, as this is really important to business today, but ultimately your posts should be driving traffic to your website.



Lightbulb moment or not here are 3 important reasons as to why your brand and business needs a website and why websites are still super relevant in 2019.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”
― Paul Cookson

First of all, you can be one of over 3.5 billion daily online searches where your business can be found online. I know that number is mind-boggling but that’s how important the internet is to our daily lives and how important web presence is in this age of social media and online business searching.   With the help of quantified SEO (search engine optimisation) and website structure, having someone find your website and then choose to stay around to see what you’re all about, the choice to have a website is a no-brainer.

Secondly, you get to show your business the way you want it to be viewed. Yes, that’s right. Social media allows you a brief moment to highlight one element of your business there and then, but your website allows you to showcase your whole business in a way that expresses what the business is, does and what problem you may solve for someone.

Finally, a recent Moz survey found that the majority of marketers who were asked this question: “Which one task would they like clients to devote more resources to”? 66% listed a website-oriented asset.  Now, this isn’t a coincidence. This is because websites have become the firmest way for sustaining free local Search Engine Results Page (SERP) prominence amongst the millions of daily online searches.

Your learning from all this

Websites are more important than ever for business. Important so your customers can find out more about you than just what your last post was about. Important because you can focus on your niche and use the language your customers use by talking directly to them. Important because if you don’t have one, your customers are going to find someone else that does what you do, because they couldn’t find you!





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Is your business ready for 2017?

We are all capable of so much more than we believe. Creating a plan to reach these capabilities can be key to success whether that be personally or in business.

Setting goals and intentions, tracking performance and celebrating success will assist in keeping you motivated and committed, and provide the encouragement to keep going.

So what have you set as your business goals for 2017? Have you been bold with your goals? Have you pushed beyond your comfort zone to make sure your business thrives this year and beyond?

Local web designers corowa albury yarrawonga wangaratta

At gotowebsites we understand the importance of including “digital goals” for 2017. If your website is more than 3 years old, there’s a fair chance it may require an update for the new year. In this digital world technology changes quickly and you should prioritise your website on your list of goals.

Here are 4 great reasons you need to look at your website in 2017:

  1. Is your site optimised for mobile? It is predicted this year that on average people around the world will spend 86 minutes a day on their phone using the internet (compared to 36 minutes on their desktop). Don’t miss out on online market share due to an outdated website – or worse yet, no website! (Stat source – Statista, Digiday).
  1. Keep ahead of your competition. Make a goal to be the first to get onto digital trends, not copy what the competition is already doing. With this in mind, act on ideas, read widely about your industry, keep up-to-date with digital trends and keep an eye on your business goals daily.
  1. Update your digital store front. It’s a great idea to keep your website looking clean and fresh to highlight to your customers that your company is organised, professional and focused on the business. Think of it like updating your “shop window”.
  1. Ensure a secure and safe web experience for your customers. Why? For SEO purposes (search engine optimisation), Google has mentioned that a secure website is a consideration for its ranking factor. Also, when visitors feel safe on your site (even if you’re not an e-Commerce site) they are more likely to spend time on a trusted website – especially customers with limited technical knowledge.

If you haven’t set your intentions for 2017 we suggest you set aside time to get onto it before January passes you by. A business without goals is like a business without a website. It’s there, but losing potential business by short circuiting the options for customers to reach you.

Professional web designers or DIY website?

local web designers Corowa Albury Rutherglen Wodonga

At gotowebsites we understand it can be confusing to know whether to DIY using a free website builder or hire professional web designers, however it really is a decision that requires thought.

In today’s business world, not having a website is like removing opportunities before they even present themselves. Can your business really afford to take the risk of not strategically presenting itself to the 78% of Australian’s who use the internet daily?

Here are some points to consider when deciding on the right website plan for your business:

  • Website builders such as WIX, which is currently advertised a lot, offers a simple and inexpensive segway into the online world. They provide a web platform which is more suited to smaller sites, as they do not offer the strength of a platform such as WordPress (a content management system with thousands of available “themes” for sites).
  • Like anything DIY there are many benefits to creating your own site and it can certainly seem simple enough. However, like most DIY ventures, there are times you are left wishing the professional web designers were there to help.

The more qualified your website, the more rewards you and your business will gain. This is because creating a website is the simple part. Getting it to rank in google, understanding SEO, understanding the steps to keyword research, the importance of privacy policies, accessing qualified online legal advice & even knowing what plugins and widgets are, become extremely important elements that a DIY’er may not know or have time to get to know.

Professional web designers offer knowledge to all the above plus:

  • know how to engage your customer as soon as they land on your website,
  • know how to make your site unique, as often DIY website builders offer a generic look,
  • how to organise the content on a website & content gap management,
  • how to conduct business research as well as competitor research,
  • the knowledge and skill to effectively implement keyword strategy (SEO) onto each page of your website,
  • how to carry out the required maintenance on a website,
  • digital marketing and how this relates to a website,
  • how to manage link development.

So here are our top Pro’s & Con’s of a DIY Website:

Pros’s of DIY

  • User friendly as DIY website builders offer the most basic sites,
  • A starting point for someone who’s unsure about their business long term,
  • A good option for a small business who only wishes to show case minimal information,
  • Site set up is low-cost,
  • Forums and tools are available for when you run into difficulties.

Con’s of DIY

  • DIY websites are often not unique and can lack professional presentation,
  • If building an ecommerce site, you may require professional assistance for product set up, changes, set up of payment methods,
  • If looking to generate sole income on your website, professional web developers are recommended,
  • If you are not confident or familiar with websites, professional guidance is recommended,
  • Cost of a professional web designers.
  • No knowledge or guidance in Keyword Research or its implementation.

Our experience at gotowebsites to date is that clients are looking for more than just a basic online presence. They want to hit the first or second spot on google for searches and have customers see their site. Upon chatting to clients, we often see they have many facets to their business and they need to know how this transpires into a website that captures attention. We have clients who have even built their own sites on a free website builder and then sought help from us to turn their DIY site into a beautiful WordPress site highlighting

  • Web development Corowa
    Web development Corowa
  • Simple Usage
    Simple Usage
  • Huge-IT Slider
    Huge-IT Slider
    The slider allows having unlimited amount of images with their titles and descriptions. The slider uses autogenerated shortcodes making it easier for the users to add it to the custom location.
more than just a basic message. At the end of the day it all depends on your website goal(s), your budget, the time you must invest in your website, the desired professionalism of your site including its content, and the confidence you have to implement and execute all of the aspects involved in creating a website that works for your clients and your business.

As professional web designers, we offer free, no obligation consultations to help you determine what type of website you need for your business and how we can assist you to get your business in front of your customers. Don’t delay contacting us to set up a time to discuss how to grow your business.

Darrell: or 0408 256 424

Claire: or 0419 716 656

Promote Your Website

Promote Your Website

Use every opportunity to promote your website URL (domain name) to ensure that your giving your business every chance to attract more clients and customers.

  • Include a link to your website’s on your email Signature
  • Include your website URL (domain name) on all of stationary your business uses – letterheads, business cards, brochures, invoices, receipts, complimentary slips, greeting cards, product and postage labels, envelopes – everything!
  • Include your website’s URL on your signage, and on your business vehicles
  • Be an active user of Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Linked In, Twitter, Google Circles, etc. Use these to promote your business, service or product. Not all of these will be appropriate to your particular business
  • Promote your website on business directories which directly relates to your business activity or product, these are listed above.