We are all capable of so much more than we believe. Creating a plan to reach these capabilities can be key to success whether that be personally or in business.

Setting goals and intentions, tracking performance and celebrating success will assist in keeping you motivated and committed, and provide the encouragement to keep going.

So what have you set as your business goals for 2017? Have you been bold with your goals? Have you pushed beyond your comfort zone to make sure your business thrives this year and beyond?

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At gotowebsites we understand the importance of including “digital goals” for 2017. If your website is more than 3 years old, there’s a fair chance it may require an update for the new year. In this digital world technology changes quickly and you should prioritise your website on your list of goals.

Here are 4 great reasons you need to look at your website in 2017:

  1. Is your site optimised for mobile? It is predicted this year that on average people around the world will spend 86 minutes a day on their phone using the internet (compared to 36 minutes on their desktop). Don’t miss out on online market share due to an outdated website – or worse yet, no website! (Stat source – Statista, Digiday).
  1. Keep ahead of your competition. Make a goal to be the first to get onto digital trends, not copy what the competition is already doing. With this in mind, act on ideas, read widely about your industry, keep up-to-date with digital trends and keep an eye on your business goals daily.
  1. Update your digital store front. It’s a great idea to keep your website looking clean and fresh to highlight to your customers that your company is organised, professional and focused on the business. Think of it like updating your “shop window”.
  1. Ensure a secure and safe web experience for your customers. Why? For SEO purposes (search engine optimisation), Google has mentioned that a secure website is a consideration for its ranking factor. Also, when visitors feel safe on your site (even if you’re not an e-Commerce site) they are more likely to spend time on a trusted website – especially customers with limited technical knowledge.

If you haven’t set your intentions for 2017 we suggest you set aside time to get onto it before January passes you by. A business without goals is like a business without a website. It’s there, but losing potential business by short circuiting the options for customers to reach you.