You probably know that the average person spends roughly 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social media? And you’re probably also aware that Instagram users spend nearly as much time scrolling as Facebook users do on that platform. And if you’re a snapchat user, well you’re on that nearly as much as Insta & Facebook users. So, what has this got to do with websites?

We all know that you can build a social media account in an evening, but have you ever thought about what that account is really for? Ideally, it should be the “building” platform to act as a conduit to your showcasing your “whole business”, via your website. Did you remember this, or have you been lost in all the chaos that says we need to be posting on social media X amounts a day between the hours of 12 & 12 etc. It’s okay if you have, as this is really important to business today, but ultimately your posts should be driving traffic to your website.



Lightbulb moment or not here are 3 important reasons as to why your brand and business needs a website and why websites are still super relevant in 2019.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”
― Paul Cookson

First of all, you can be one of over 3.5 billion daily online searches where your business can be found online. I know that number is mind-boggling but that’s how important the internet is to our daily lives and how important web presence is in this age of social media and online business searching.   With the help of quantified SEO (search engine optimisation) and website structure, having someone find your website and then choose to stay around to see what you’re all about, the choice to have a website is a no-brainer.

Secondly, you get to show your business the way you want it to be viewed. Yes, that’s right. Social media allows you a brief moment to highlight one element of your business there and then, but your website allows you to showcase your whole business in a way that expresses what the business is, does and what problem you may solve for someone.

Finally, a recent Moz survey found that the majority of marketers who were asked this question: “Which one task would they like clients to devote more resources to”? 66% listed a website-oriented asset.  Now, this isn’t a coincidence. This is because websites have become the firmest way for sustaining free local Search Engine Results Page (SERP) prominence amongst the millions of daily online searches.

Your learning from all this

Websites are more important than ever for business. Important so your customers can find out more about you than just what your last post was about. Important because you can focus on your niche and use the language your customers use by talking directly to them. Important because if you don’t have one, your customers are going to find someone else that does what you do, because they couldn’t find you!





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